What is Sellr Marketplace?

Sellr Marketplace is a quick and easy way to sell and promote your products online. If you already have a Sellr account then you are ready to use SellR marketplace. Simply list your products in the item database in your SellR account and make sure the MKT option is ticked and your product with its images and description will automatically appear on the marketplace. It really is that simple.

There are loads of advantages to selling online using Sellr Marketplace. You don’t need your own website to use Sellr marketplace, you simply use the Sellr system to catalogue your products and they are automatically listed on the Sellr Marketplace. The system guides you through the process with an easy to use interface making it quick and simple. You could be selling online in minutes!

If you already have a Sellr website then this is a great way to promote your products and get even more sales. It’s always a good idea to promote your products as much as you can and Sellr marketplace gives potential customers another way to find your products.

Also your website, shopping cart and marketplace system come in an all in one package, there is no need to login into any other system like eBay and repeat the same process over and over again. Simply list your products once in your Sellr account and they will automatically appear on your website and in  the Sellr marketplace. You can make changes to your products at any time and these changes will instantly be reflected in your product listing.

The best part about Sellr marketplace is that it’s free! Anybody who has a Sellr account can use Sellr Marketplace at no extra charge. Ultimately we want our merchants to be able to make as much money as they can.

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